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Fly now, pay later!
Budget your trips with our subscription plans - Europe's first flight subscription service!

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Fly now, pay later!
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Flight Plans

Surprise Plan

6 one-way tickets | per year
surprise European

29 € monthly

Europe 10 Plan

6 one-way tickets | per year
10 European destinations

49 € monthly

Book with just
one Click

Multiple European destinations

Fixed Fares

Book anytime
(3 weeks in advance)

How It Works?

Step 1

Choose the yearly subscription plan that suits you best.

Step 2

Select when and where you'd like to travel. Book your flights with just one click.

Step 3

No need to shop around for the best fares!

Enjoy the trip and share it!


We give you the best value for money by always selecting the best fares available for your desired destination and dates.


Plan ahead or be spontaneous - You can book your flights anytime and no later than 3 weeks in advance.


View your balance at the end of each subscription year and get your money back if your flights have costs less than your monthly fee.


The service will allow me to save money and to budget my trips.

Melissa from Berlin

Online Marketing

Vacation is always on the list. Like this I can be sure I will take my vacation and fly where I want.

Isabela from Milan

Bank Employee

A perfect opportunity to discover Europe, is like paying your flights in instalments. Is super cool!!

Marius from Toulouse


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